The Zoological Society was established in 1974 as a forum of education and discussion for those interested in Zoology. While this is still at the core of the society’s principles, ZooSoc has also evolved with the times and advances in science. The increasing world population, climate change and habitat loss cannot be ignored, and so, ZooSoc also aims to create discussion and disseminate information on how people affect the environment and all the species that depend on it. This is achieved through a combination of talks, debates, walking tours, hikes, animal handling events and social nights out.

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Falconry on the Cricket Pitch

DU ZooSoc is the go-to society for animal lovers in Trinity College. Throughout the year we host talks from zoologists, conservationists, filmmakers and other professionals. Controversial director of Copenhagen Zoo, Bengt Holst and famous anthropologist and primatologist Dame Jane Goodall are just two of the many world-renowned speakers we have welcomed in past years.

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Bird Watching on Campus

We’re not all talk – in ZooSoc, we love to get out and about and interact with our animal friends. We organise expeditions to observe wildlife and our bird watching and bat spotting trips are great ways to see animals and meet new friends. Our hands-on animal experiences are some of our most exciting and popular events. We bring animals to campus, from snakes to falcons and everything in between, so you can get up and close and personal with the cuddly, the crawly, the feathery and the scaly! Our annual trip away is always a highlight of our calendar. In 2016, we out did ourselves, as for the first time, ZooSoc went international! More information about our trip to Edinburgh Zoo can be found in our blog.

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Collie’s Critters

As well these special events, you can join us for some creature comforts at our regular documentary and film screenings on campus. Our society room is the perfect habitat, with a library of nature books and DVDs for you to borrow and our nights out during the year are a perfect opportunity to let out your wild side.

The society also pushes for active conservation to occur in Trinity to raise awareness among the student body of the issues that the many species that cohabitate this planet face. We as a society have implemented a Swift nest box programme to encourage the iconic summer visitor to return to campus. We also regularly team up with other societies throughout college to raise more awareness on sustainable living and conservation.

Whether you’re a Zoology student or simply interested in the natural world, ZooSoc is a great way to keep in touch with the world of zoology, see amazing creatures and meet lots of cool people while you’re at it!

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