Edinburgh Trip

ZooSoc’s first ever international trip is done and dusted, and what a trip it was! On the 25th November, after a long, laborious week, a total of 21 avid animal fanatics jetted off to Edinburgh for a weekend of top quality craic. This beautiful city did not fail to please us, with its majestic old buildings, cobbled streets and a huge Christmas market that you could spend hours walking around and never get bored.

Our trip to Edinburgh’s world famous zoo was a huge success! The zoo is home to over 1,000 rare and endangered animals, including the Sumatran tiger, the giant panda and the greater one-horned rhino. We were given talks from various conservationists in the zoo about the protection and conservation of various animals and how we, as normal members of the public, can help by doing the smallest things that could make a difference. The Natural History Museum was just as successful, with lots of interesting interactive exhibitions suitable for all ages.

We ZooSoc members have a strong passion for animals but we also have just as strong of a passion for being party animals. And Edinburgh was no exception. Two massive nights out were had in two of the biggest clubs in the city, where everyone thoroughly enjoyed the extremely cheap drink and the serious tunes.

Edinburgh, you were splendid. Following the success of the trip, we hope there will be many more trips abroad to come for ZooSoc!

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