Freshers Week 2018

The year is off to a flying start thanks to you!

A giant African land snail & Madagascar hissing cockroach say hello 

Thank you to everyone who came down and joined us for what’s sure to be a fun-filled year. Don’t be sad if you missed us though, you can join at any of our events – just come up and say hello!! We’d love to see you there!

It wasn’t only the committee’s friendly faces people saw, there were some beautiful critters to get acquainted to – we are the Zoological Society after all.

New faces discovering the wonder of ZooSoc! (ft. Collie and Xerxes)

We had some amazing discount cards to give, some well needed stationary and a fresh new society card. But if you didn’t get your fill for free things, ask us for some more! Honestly, you’d be doing us a favour…

There was a very friendly Madagascar Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina portentosa), a slimy Giant African Land Snail (Lissachatina fulica) and some small Glowspot Cockroaches (Lucihormetica verrucosa) for those brave enough to hold. The tradition of having skulls on the stand also remained true as we had a young Asian Elephant and a clone of Saber-toothed Tiger skull.

Collie educating and entertaining the masses

Collie from Collie’s Critters also popped by on Wednesday with Xerxes, a Royal Python (Python regius) who was more than happy with all the attention he obtained. Are you raging you missed us now?? Don’t fret! We have an event completely dedicated to Collie and his amazing animals and we’ll let you know when it’s on!

If you feel like being a regular member isn’t good enough and just simply won’t fulfil you enough, why not run for a position at our EGM? It’s on Tuesday 18th of September and will be held in the comforts of the Auk Room in the Zoology Building – more details can be found in “Calendar” and on our Facebook Page

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the year ahead and we couldn’t be happier to be spending it with you! 

Peace and Love, ZooSoc x

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