Past Events

Guest Speakers

We aim to host a guest speaker two or three times a month during the year. There is an incredibly broad range of topics covered from wildlife photography and filmmaking to environmental issues to research. The society has had the pleasure of hosting many guest speakers including Dame Jane Goodall the legendary primatologist and anthropologist as well as Dr. Zoltan Takacs, toxicologist and National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

Jane Goodall

Hands on Events

We’re big fans of bringing the animals to you! On campus events have been very popular in the past so don’t miss out. We have bird house making, the incredible  reptile, amphibian and  insect event, ‘Collie’s Critters’, and more.  One of our biggest events is ‘Falconry on the Cricket Pitch’. Join us in 4th week and come face to face with some incredible birds!

TCD Zoological Society Falconry on the Cricket Pitch
Falconry on the Cricket Pitch


Every so often we organise day trips that always end up being great successes. Past trips have included behind-the-scenes tours of the natural history museum, bird watching and  bat detecting to name  a few. We also plan a weekend trip away each year. This year we’re going to Edinburgh at the end of November to visit their world famous zoo and natural history museum.


Nights Out 

We’re party animals! And proud of it (and only a little bit ashamed of that pun). We organise all sorts of nights out in Dublin. If dressing up for animal-themed parties is your jam then you’re in the right place. But don’t worry, making a fool of yourself by  pretending to be a jellyfish or a gibbon isn’t compulsory! One event that you will have to make sure you don’t miss is our famous pub quiz. Each year the standard gets higher and higher so be prepared…